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Since 2006, IMMA Global Group settled an extraordinary organization for conventional supply chain management for global and local companies. IMMA’s customer duly know that

  • IMMA is not only a manufacturer but also collaborates with competitors to provide best-in the class solution.
  • IMMA doesn’t setup a plant only but also runs it with highly skilled staff to enable efficiency, productivity and minimized financial aspects.
  • IMMA provides complete solutions upon request. As not only a semi-trailer but also a truck head is supplied. All in one brings focusing cored business
  • IMMA doesn’t produce newly vessels only, but also obtains surveillance, repair, remanufacturing and/or operating.
  • IMMA never hesitates competition in terms of pricing and quality assurance. So best quality is expected with the minimized costing.


Oil & Mining

Oil & Mining

– A wide range machinery & equipment

Operating and after sales services for any crushing or concrete batching plants

Turn-key solution from genset to heavy equipment

Plant management including design, operating and sub-contacting

Drilling and coring services



– Easy manufacturing and building solutions for any construction requests

A wide range from laboratory containers to prefab housing in addition to light steel villas to multi storey apartments

A huge possibility for sub-contracting for construction materials as windows, doors, flooring, etc. made-in-house

Turn-key or sub-contracting services

Windows and doors made of aluminum, galvanize and PVC

Custom production, commissioning and at-site services



– Mining field contracting

Certificated welding teams for oversea projects

Any blue and white collar team providing and contracting onshore and offshore for drilling, coring, mining and construction projects

Vessel and truck fleet management

Onshore and offshore support and supplies


Ship Building & Repair

Ship Building & Repair

– Industrial marine solutions for offshore mining and construction

Top class team providing for special projects

Worldwide reputable designers

Custom build solutions

New building, renovating, repair and converting abilities

27 distributors
worldwide for any local solutions,

20+ Consultants for each industry from plant managers till fleet managers, jack-up captains to surveillance services

Customer worldwide, which is only YOU!

Therefore IMMA here to

  • Build and setup mining plants from crushing to enriching in addition to operate it,
  • Build truck body and semi-trailer for any custom business,
  • Build new ships, convert or repair in addition to operate, own, brokerage and fleet management,
  • Onshore and offshore drilling for oil and gas in addition to servicing, coring, rental, crude refining with energy producing
  • We build houses as we can build a hangar or an airport with entire subcontracting

We love to

  • Engineering: Any requirement or problem is joy to us
  • Competition: Never hesitate to compete with any market worldwide from east to west. Only to provide the highest Price / Benefit rate.
  • Make Empathy: Our concerns are life-time, running cost, operating staff, efficiency, productivity, competition like a user and producer.
  • Provide Custom Built Solutions: Any special or custom request most welcome from a stainless steel screw to a complete plant.
  • Be At Site Instead Of Refined Offices: Never hesitate to be at site with your engineering team to listen them to install with them to solve with them.
  • Supply Unique Solutions: Each customer is unique and deserves the unique
  • Resolving The Problems: Let us know your problems or requirement to work it out the solution.
  • Be Transparent For Any Requirement: Transparency is our motto to be a supplier. We don’t know what SELL & FORGET means.
  • Procurement / Manufacturing / Outsourcing as well as Sales & Marketing
  • Brussels & Istanbul locations for best logistics


1. Requirement

2. Technical Due Diligence

3. Procurement

4. Technical Approval

5. Acceptance of Term

6. Production

7. Approval & Shipment

8. Deliverance and Commissioning

9. Preventive and Periodic Maintenance

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